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The most touching moment I can think of, that demonstrates our impact, involves an 82 year old grandmother from the Brahmin caste (high caste). During the aftermath of the quakes, many families came together at Her Farm to create a communal kitchen. This meant families from all castes.


One day a woman voiced her discontent at eating food from a kitchen where low caste women were working, as some of our girls are Dalit (untouchable caste).


Grandma looked at the woman, and said:

“What does that matter now, we suffer together, and we’ll eat together.”

Or words to that effect. A huge breakthrough moment that an 82 year old high caste woman would think, must less utter those words out loud. She’s our immediate neighbour, she’s been around Her Farm a lot, and it has changed her thinking, or at least softened her position on some things.